Tipsheet about poverty & geography + #endhomelessness coverage + 3 resources for ideas

News. There’s a growing food divide between the rich and poor in the U.S. Gov. Chris Christie froze spending to force public worker health care cuts. Arizona imposed the strictest welfare limit in the nation. San Diego improved new incentives for low-income housing to alleviate the shortage and reduce rents. Low-income families are struggling to pay auto insurance.

AHCJ tipsheet about poverty + geography. Remember when I met with several people at the Association of Health Care Journalists conference in Cleveland in April? The talks led to a tipsheet on the AHCJ site about location, health & poverty. The piece mentions this Covering Poverty newsletter and notes several tips and resources for reporters:
  • Three recent reports about poverty + geography
  • Recent news examples
  • Questions for reporters to consider
  • Tips to keep in mind
  • Data and maps
Last week’s #endhomelessness campaign. More than 70 news organizations joined the media blitz to discuss homelessness and poverty. The San Francisco Chronicle created a flat page to capture the coverage, and you can also find streams on Twitter under #endhomelessnesss and #SFhomelessproject. Plus, AHCJ is discussing how health IT may help solve homelessness.

3 resources for ideas. A few numbers and viz options for you:

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