Story ideas: Millennials & work, the sharing economy, webinars on women

News. Artist lofts = affordable housing (for white people). School lunch data reveals a crisis – poverty is increasing dramatically in areas where it was once rare. Miami’s low-income communities might get a voice in sea-level rise planning. The Oklahoma House voted to adjust the earned-income tax credit. A new Kansas law has revived the debate about welfare restrictions. New federal data shows that U.S. schools are resegregating.
Millennials & work: Gallup released several intriguing reports about America’s largest – and as they put it, “least understood” – generation. What do Millennials want from workplaces?

  • Millennials are job hoppers. Polls found that 20 percent switched jobs in the last year, and 93 percent left workplaces to change roles. They want quality management, advancement and opportunities to grow.
  • Plus, disruption is coming for universities, a Gallup opinion piece says.
  • And you can buy the full report about Gallup’s Millennial findings.
The sharing economy: Similar to the Gallup series, Pew published several findings and graphs about the changing digital economy.

  • First of all, what exactly is the “sharing economy” we’re seeing?
  • And how are we using these services (such as Uber or Kickstarter) as an increasing part of our lifestyles?
Webinars on women: The NYU McSilver Institute for Poverty Policy and Research is focused on women this summer. You, too? Tune in for these three webinars to chart the trends.

  • May 26: Women, Tech and the Future – What’s going on with women in STEM careers? What are the disparities and educational expectations for males and females in these areas?
  • June 30: Women and Mental Health – Experts will talk about the intersections of trauma, oppression and resilience.
  • July  28: Exploding the Myth of Women’s Equity – How far have we come? Let’s take a look at how women are represented in 21st Century pop culture.
Final thoughts. Five of the nation’s 11 fastest-growing cities are in Texas, says the Census Bureau. Think Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Fort Worth/Dallas. New York City is still the most populous city, and Denver joined the list of the top 20. The most growth is occurring in the South and West. What could this mean for your coverage area – and the communities that are seeing growth (as well as gentrification)?
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