New Gallup series + Twitter chat @ Census poverty report + Medicaid expansion resources

News. The wage gap is worse for black women. Think about the hidden poverty in marijuana’s black market. Take a look at ACA marketplace problems in context – and why they don’t necessarily mean failure. Is the U.S. missing out on the skills of the educated and undocumented? U.S. cities are increasingly segregated by income. Food stamp use is on the rise in Nebraska, unlike in most of the U.S. And food stamp fraud is “fairly rampant” at corner stores in parts of Chicago.
5 resources this week:
  • Gallup is starting a series about the changes in Americans’ health and well-being during Barack Obama’s presidency. The first in the series says the uninsured rate is down significantly since the Affordable Care Act took effect. In addition, the percentage who have trouble affording necessary care and medicine is at a record low. At the same time, however, U.S. adults don’t see an improvement in health care costs and quality.
  • Twitter chat alert: Poverty in 2015 – Causes and Solutions. On Sept. 13, the Census Bureau releases its annual report on income and poverty. Several experts will chat about it – Ann Huff Stevens at the UC Davis Center for Poverty Research, Lawrence Berger  and Timothy Smeeding at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Institute for Research on Poverty and David Grusky at the Stanford University Center on Poverty and Inequality. Click the link for details, follow @povertyresearch and use #povertynow.
  • The Department of Health and Human Services released a report about the effect of Medicaid expansion on ACA marketplace premiums. In particular, the brief discusses whether and how much premium differences between expansion and non-expansion states are due to decisions to expand Medicaid. They estimate premiums are 7 percent lower in expansion states.
  • If you cover Florida, tune into these recent analyses from the National Center for Children in Poverty: There’s a policy brief about the state’s minimum wage, a blog piece that generalizes those findings beyond Florida, another blog about the importance of federally refundable tax credits for Florida families, and a piece about Florida’s TANF asset limits and how they may be counterproductive.
  • And why are wages stuck and inequality growing? The Economic Policy Institute investigates union decline and how that lowers the wages of nonunion workers.

Final thoughts. For another good read this week, tune into the ongoing work by Equal Voice News. This time, they report on an effort to restore voting rights to 13,000 Virginia residents. It’s another great in-depth piece with narrative and multimedia.

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