More AHCA analysis + women working survey + child poverty infographic

News. We’re still on the Affordable Care Act vs. the American Health Care Act conversation, right? Here’s how Equal Voice News covered the true cost of repealing ACA in Alabama. The repeal could threaten some programs right as they’re beginning to work. Low-income AIDS patients are worried about losing coverage, too. And news by location: New Mexico is facing stark choices for Medicaid coverage. Poverty growth in Richmond’s suburbs is outpacing the city’s. Missouri’s public defender system is being sued for being so poorly funded that it can’t represent many indigent clients.

5 health care resources. Check these analyses:
Data resources.
  • Across 142 countries, we’re leaning toward a better future for women and work, Gallup says. The biggest challenge? Balancing work and family, of course.
  • Learn more about the geography of child poverty, particularly in California. Click through this interactive map to see percentages of poverty and deep poverty, the poverty line and the poverty gap.
  • The digital divide still exists for low-income Americans, even though there have been great gains, Pew says. This is part of a series about different demographic groups in the U.S. and the digital age, so stay tuned for more.
Final thoughts. Reporting on education? Are you following the 2017 Brown Center Report on American Education? As part of that, and in thinking about poverty/class, look at Brookings’ posts about the report, including the one about race and school suspensions. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights data tell us that black students are suspended and expelled at three times the rate of white students.

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