Census news conference today + #povertynow chat today + 2016 Guidestar report

News. The U.S. hunger risk rate has fallen to the lowest spot since before the recession. In rural America, a good dentist is hard to find. Financial aid barrierslimit college access for undocumented students. Salt Lake City is looking for solutions to its affordable housing crisis. Poor families in Boston face energy insecurity that leads to health problems such as asthma and anxiety. New federal standards mean more time in low-income preschools for some students.
5 reporting tools this week:
  • The Census Bureau announced its findings┬áthis morning for three reports: the 2015 Income and Poverty in the U.S., the 2015 Health Insurance Coverage in the U.S. and the 2015 Supplemental Poverty Measure. Find state and national data, the three reports and today’s presentation on this press kit page.
  • Poverty experts are taking over Twitter with a #povertynow conversation starting at noon ET. The chat will be focused on the Census Bureau findings from above, including causes and solutions for poverty. Follow @povertyresearch for the conversation today.
  • The 2016 GuideStar Nonprofit Compensation Report is now available. Analyze the compensation paid by 96,000 exempt organizations to 135,000 positions across 14 job categories.
  • More Americans favor government’s role in helping minorities than they did a few years ago, Gallup says. This year, 38 percent say the government should have a “major role” in trying to improve the social and economic position of minorities, as compared to 32 percent in 2013 and 27 percent in 2011.
  • The Stanford Center on Poverty & Inequality is creating a Poverty and Technology Lab to look for lasting and low-cost solutions to poverty in the U.S. The lab will develop and test tech-driven ideas. I’ll update you about the launch conference coming up soon.
Final thoughts. Did you see the Guardian series on public defense? The three-parter, created with the Marshall Project, looks at America’s overburdened defense system. It includes a special report from Louisiana, where cuts and inconsistent funding have hit hard.
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