Census Bureau webinar + facts about American workers + standard of living rating

News.┬áChart out the geography of U.S. inequality. Six million children are chronically absent from U.S. schools – and there are long-term consequences. Free college isn’t enough for first-generation students. Teen birth rates dropped in Wyoming with education and birth control. Chicago is trying to tackle youth unemployment and its consequences. How Michigan’s automated computer system stiffed deserving residents on food aid. Poor kindergarteners are catching up on the school readiness gap.
5 resources this week:
  • The Census Bureau will hold a webinar this Thursday for the Sept. 15 release of the 2015 American Community Survey one-year statistics. Tune in for an audio and video presentation. News media will be able to ask questions.
  • The U.S. standard of living rating rose during the past few years, Gallup says. This applies across all income groups, and non-Hispanic black Americans have reported the highest gains.
  • The Center on Poverty & Inequality is hosting the fifth annual conference this week for the country’s leading “new scholars” to present research on trends in poverty and inequality. Contact inequality@stanford.edu to attend or learn more for stories.
  • The Center for American Progress is looking for ways to expand support systems for socially isolated LGBT and American Indian seniors.
  • And Pew gives us 10 facts about American workers as we wrap Labor Day weekend and look toward the fall. Here are a few:
    • Union membership has fallen by half in the last three decades.
    • Most Americans work in the service sector.
    • About 15 million workers are self-employed.
    • Millennials are the largest generation in the workforce.
    • The gender pay gap exists, but it’s narrowing.
    • The wage gap between college-educated and non-college-educated workers is huge and growing.
    • More older Americans are working.
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