Census Bureau stats release + 2 webinars + post-Trump effects

News. Measuring poverty by more than just income. Five states are struggling with surging numbers of foster children. A “bank for the poor” could end poverty and inequality. Nevada’s rural residents are facing a fraying safety net, Kentucky’s rural residents are worried about Medicaid cutbacks, and Virginia’s rural residents are concerned about regional spikes in poverty. At the same time, “rural America” is on the mend, the USDA says, noting that unemployment and poverty is turning a corner in many areas.
5 end-of-the-year updates … as we start to think about December, the holidays and 2017. You ready?:
  • Dec. 5 event: American Community Survey stats. The Census Bureau is hosting a webinar at 1 p.m. to discuss the 2011-2015 stats being released Dec. 8. It’ll explain how to access data, compare geographies and contrast stats over time. Embargo data will go out Tuesday, Dec. 6 at noon.
  • Dec. 9 event: Poverty and Involuntary Part-Time Work. The Spotlight on Poverty and Opportunity is hosting a national audio conference at noon to discuss solutions to involuntary part-time work. That seems pretty relevant at this time of the year. Register to hear from experts in Seattle, San Jose and Washington, D.C.
  • U.S. economic confidence is the highest it’s been in nine years, Gallup says. It shifted from negative to positive after Donald Trump was elected three weeks ago. Interesting.
  • Speaking of, there’s already a gap between what Trump promised the middle class and his policies, the Economic Policy Institute says. Read more about taxes, Medicare/Medicaid, the economy and Wall Street.
  • Couples don’t always agree about contraceptive use, Child Trends reports. What do teenage birth rates and contraceptive use rates look like in your community? Explore the key findings in the report.
Final thoughts. I’m beginning to prepare Covering Poverty for a new face in 2017, both with the website and the newsletter. What would you like to see? Hit “reply” and let me know.
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