CBO report + Trump’s budget + Covering Poverty pivotal moment (give your opinion!)

Note from Carolyn: You know it’s serious when it lands above the fold on the New York Times front page. As NYT White House correspondent Julie Hirschfeld Davis puts it: Trump’s budget will cut deeply into anti-poverty efforts. Since the story, I’ve seen commentary everywhere about the loss of hope in low-income America and pathways out of long-term poverty. Yikes, y’all. This is an important time for covering poverty in our news stories. It’ll become even more important as we progress through the year.
In fact, it comes at a pivotal moment for Covering Poverty, this newsletter. We’re up for grant renewal again, and I’m focused on continuing this effort for another year. One aspect I need to prove, though: The value of this weekly resource. If you’ve found this email helpful in the past year or so, would you be willing to let me know? If so, please reply and tell me how it’s helped with developing story ideas or staying attuned to your community. If you’re feeling extra generous, would you opt-in to a short 5-question survey I plan to develop and send next week? If so, hit “reply” and let me know that, too.

Poverty reporting resources. This week, let’s hit the top 7 important developments this week:
  • Everyone is parsing the CBO report on the American Health Care Act that dropped yesterday. Have you found your angle? Medicaid, budget deficit, health insurance coverage, stability of the health insurance market, premiums, out-of-pocket payments – you name it, you can find it.
  • If you want commentary on the CBO report, the Urban Institute has some thoughts.
  • Following Trump’s budget cuts, older jobless Americans agree Trump’s budget means hardship. Ben Carson says poverty is a “state of mind.” Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue (hey, GA’s former gov) departs from the plan to gut the food stamp program.
  • Related to that, the Department of Health and Human Services released a report about premium changes in 2013-2017.
  • Americans still see manufacturing as the key to job creation, Gallup says. About 1 in 5 say those jobs should stay in the U.S. to create jobs, according to polls.
  • The digital gap between rural and nonrural America still exists, Pew reports.
  • Should we have universal child allowance? Brookings experts talk about the costs and benefits of cash assistance to help child poverty.
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