AHCA gaps + upcoming Census embargo + new poverty risk calculator

News. Trump-focused stories are huge right now: Tax reform could help low-income and Rust Belt families. Tech sector workers (facing poverty in Silicon Valley) are organizing against Trump. The biggest winners under the American Health Care Act are young, white, wealthy males. Then education: Student loan borrowers are struggling to get back on track. This is […]

#AHCJ17 wrap-up + middle class incomes + diversity in the workplace

Last week, I attend the Association of Health Care Journalists conference in Orlando, which was sunny and informative. See the #AHCJ17 section below for notes about the several panels that focused on disparities, poverty and reporting ideas. Next week, I go to the American Society of Journalists and Authors meeting, so stay tuned for more. […]

This week’s reporting: Entrepreneur gap + education gap + tax news

News. A report calls for changes in the legal representation of the poor. Without insurance, kids face more dental problems. New York is making college free for those who can’t afford it. And The Southern Illinoisian has a great series calledProtecting the Innocent about battling high rates of child abuse in southern Illinois. For National Child […]

5 health care resources, State of the Union on Poverty, education & earnings levels

News. We’re talking about barriers to opportunity in today’s America. Although we’re all stressed, a new study says Alabama is the most stressed state. Medicaid is coming of age in the new health bill’s defeat. Child poverty and STDs are on the rise in central Minnesota, Michigan is making little progress in lifting the working poor […]

More AHCA analysis + women working survey + child poverty infographic

News. We’re still on the Affordable Care Act vs. the American Health Care Act conversation, right? Here’s how Equal Voice News covered the true cost of repealing ACA in Alabama. The repeal could threaten some programs right as they’re beginning to work. Low-income AIDS patients are worried about losing coverage, too. And news by location: New […]

ACA vs. AHCA (several resources) + Census embargo data + CarsonWatch

News. We’re paying attention to the Affordable Care Act vs. the American Health Care Act, right? Here are four key differences. And how AHCA could hit rural areas in particular. Linked to that, Trump’s plan for HUD could seriously hurt low-income families. And his overall budget slices domestic programs and foreign aid. In the tech realm, cutting social […]

Poverty reporting: Trump’s take + ACA repeal updates + new datasets

News. This week, the news section will focus on Trump’s Tuesday speech and what it means: It could be a threat to vulnerable communities, portraying immigrants, low-income families and communities of color as burdens. It could lower living standards for workers, and child care suggestions may not actually be helpful. With poverty policy, we come away […]

Round out February with 9 poverty-focused resources

News. What people are talking about today: The New Yorker‘s commentary about what Trump means for the world’s poorest people. Then there’s ongoing health care conversations: A GOP proposal would cover fewer low-income families. As lawmakers move forward on the ACA repeal, however, new data shows the nation’s uninsured rate hit a record low last year. […]

Quick mid-February update: 7 resources for your reporting

News. Left Behind – a poverty series by the Daily Tribune in Columbia, Missouri – looks at aspects of mobility, crime, education, health care, housing, employment and transportation. It’s fabulous because the stories focus not only on the poor residents of the area, but all of the taxpayers. Here’s a poverty-related generation gap thought: Millennials and Boomers […]

7 links to give your reporting context this week

News. The connection between poverty and crime is complex. The FCC is slowing broadband subsidies for some low-income areas. In one Connecticut county, close to 30 percent of children live in poor homes. San Francisco made a statement by making City College free for all residents. Two dental bills in Massachusetts could provide more access to […]