Round out February with 9 poverty-focused resources

News. What people are talking about today: The New Yorker‘s commentary about what Trump means for the world’s poorest people. Then there’s ongoing health care conversations: A GOP proposal would cover fewer low-income families. As lawmakers move forward on the ACA repeal, however, new data shows the nation’s uninsured rate hit a record low last year. […]

Quick mid-February update: 7 resources for your reporting

News. Left Behind – a poverty series by the Daily Tribune in Columbia, Missouri – looks at aspects of mobility, crime, education, health care, housing, employment and transportation. It’s fabulous because the stories focus not only on the poor residents of the area, but all of the taxpayers. Here’s a poverty-related generation gap thought: Millennials and Boomers […]

7 links to give your reporting context this week

News. The connection between poverty and crime is complex. The FCC is slowing broadband subsidies for some low-income areas. In one Connecticut county, close to 30 percent of children live in poor homes. San Francisco made a statement by making City College free for all residents. Two dental bills in Massachusetts could provide more access to […]

11 resources to boost your reporting in February

This is a packed post. Ready to skim through news and these 11 reporting tools? Stick with me. – CC News. Worlds Apart, the four-part San Antonio Express-News series, shows the concentrated poverty and income divide that could make it one of the nation’s most segregated cities. The cost of raising a child keeps rising. In […]

9 days to Inauguration: Poverty reporting resources and story ideas

News. For the next week, we’ll see a stream of Obama legacy and Trump “what if” reports, including poverty-related issues such as rural anti-poverty efforts, education, housing (and Ben Carson’s plan) and health care. Look for local impact as well, such as mayors’ concerns about poverty and economic quality concerns. 3 data points. Gallup gives us three […]

2017 catchup: 9 resources to kickstart your poverty reporting this year

News. The Star Tribune series on poverty is so great right now: Migration is about taking risks (and moving) to pursue the American Dream. Opportunity is about prosperity growing out of small-town America. Shortage is about the shortage of affordable housing and the choices that people must make to find shelter. Health care and Medicaid update: […]

The Fading American Dream + Trump’s paid leave platform + ACA pre-existing conditions data

News. New Census Bureau data highlights the differences between rural and urban living. And in many cities, poverty is growing in the suburbs. Another study shows extremely low-income families face broken affordable housing, especially in DC. Education tech companies could help many students by looking at issues in overlooked communities. College campuses are facing a renewed […]

Implications of repealing ACA + U.S. health care costs + child welfare data

News.  What poor people buy when they’re given cash, according to a study. How poverty permeates the classroom (first in a seven-part series by the Connecticut Mirror). The holiday season is tough for low-wage federal workers. Many Americans skip the dentist due to cost. Implications of Affordable Care Act repeal: As the repeal conversation unfolds, people […]