AJC investigative series + 5 resources for story ideas and numbers

News. The new faces of U.S. poverty in metro areas. Low-income Americans are doing “digital health,” too. Low-income female students are facing certain challenges in college, in particular. And during retirement, women are more likely to face poverty than men. In good news, low-paid workers are leading in wage gains as minimum wage increases take effect.
AJC doctors + sex abuse investigation. Last week, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution released a harrowing national investigative series about doctors and sexual harassment complaints by patients. The cases are wide-ranging, and in many instances, doctors were still allowed to practice. As you can imagine, many of these patients were low-income, minorities or had mental health issues. Doctors were able to build trust and then take advantage. I wrote several of the sidebar pieces for the series, and I’m eager to get the word out about the resources for readers and other investigations that news organizations have done about doctor misconduct over the years.
5 resources for story ideas & numbers. A few options available to you this week:

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