9 reporting resources for changes under a new administration

Last week, I attended the women’s march in D.C. with a handful of gals from Georgia, including two other reporters. It was a moving experience, and I feel now – more than ever – our jobs are important and necessary to track government and give voice to those who need it. Tell me what resources you need in 2017, and I’ll help you find them. For instance, this Transition 2017 tracker could be useful. This week, I hope the 9 below help.

News. The only way to fight back against a disadvantaged background (particularly as an undocumented college student)? Excel. Is Trump keeping his economic promises? WaPo gives us eight ways to find out. Having an abortion can be harder if you’re poor, especially under certain legislation. HUD grants could help low-income seniors. Poverty rates and housing affordability are linked, a new report says. Plus, where you live could mean life or death if you get cancer. And on many of our minds: What does an ACA repeal mean, and is it a money grab by the rich?

9 reporting resources. Here’s what I’m seeing:
  • Americans are split on whether the U.S. will be better off by 2020, Gallup says. About 48 percent say we’ll be better off, and 46 percent say we’ll be worse off. And 85 percent of Republicans and 14 percent of Democrats say we’ll be better off.
  • Videos are available from the Stanford Center on Poverty & Inequality’s Summit on Technology and Opportunity. The videos explore how technology can solve problems related to poverty and inequality.
  • Do you know how your local colleges are universities are faring with economic diversity? Stanford released its College Mobility Report Cards, which track how students climb the income ladder. Check out the upward mobility stats based on data for 30 million college students.
  • With all the potential changes coming up for national health care, keep an eye on the details. What about electronic health care records? The Department of Health and Human Services reports the latest.
  • Police officers say the media treat police unfairly, Pew reports. About 80 percent of officers feel that way. Take a moment to reflect – how are you feeling about your own relations? Are you taking the time to build connections?
  • In good news, the 115th Congress sets a new high for racial and ethnic diversity, Pew says. About 1 in 5 voting members are a racial or ethnic minority. It’s progress, for sure, though there’s more to do – take a glance at the numbers related to the overall U.S. population.
  • This year, we should focus more attention on the world’s poorest countries, Brookings says. They’ll be left behind if we don’t.
  • How could Medicaid expansion help with home visiting? Read details from the Center for American Progress and try the state checklist.
  • Also, a quarter of veterans live in rural places, the Census Bureau reports. That’s about 5 million people. Consider how that affects poverty, employment, health and health insurance. What are the numbers in your areas, and what are the unique challenges for veterans?

Carefully curating for you,
Carolyn Crist

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