9 days to Inauguration: Poverty reporting resources and story ideas

News. For the next week, we’ll see a stream of Obama legacy and Trump “what if” reports, including poverty-related issues such as rural anti-poverty efforts, education, housing (and Ben Carson’s plan) and health care. Look for local impact as well, such as mayors’ concerns about poverty and economic quality concerns.
3 data points. Gallup gives us three numbers to consider this week as we move from Obama to Trump time:
2 housing updates
  • The Census Bureau released American Housing Survey stats for 25 metro areas – the 15 largest and 10 additional. The data include housing costs, remodeling/repair frequency, reasons for moving, food insecurity, health and safety hazards in the home, and use of housing counseling services.
  • Speaking of, Pew reports that blacks and Hispanics face extra challenges in getting home loans. Homeownership has fallen since the mid-2000 boom, and the ownership gap has widened between blacks and whites since 2004.
2 more resources you may have missed
  • Opioid epidemic progress: The Department of Health and Human Services reports on what we’re seeing, especially since the department launched the Opioid Initiative in March 2015. Importantly, improvement could depend on the success of the Affordable Care Act. 
  • National Anti-Hunger Policy Conference: March 5-7 in D.C. The Food Research & Action Center and Feeding America are co-sponsoring the conference, which will include panel discussions, plenary sessions and a lobbying day. Speakers include Deepak Bhargava, executive director of the Center for Community Change.
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