7 resources this week for jobs, inequality, education and health care reporting

News. The U.S. lags in child well-being, a new report says. The child care expansion takes a toll on poorly paid workers. A Medicaid Catch-22 may trap millions of Americans in poverty. How can hospitals that serve the poor keep up? High-poverty urban neighborhoods are often lacking booksEarly childhood education gets a push from $1 billion in federal funds.
7 resources this week. Jobs, inequality, education and health care numbers:

  • About half of U.S. adults believe women have equal job opportunities as men, Gallup says. About 40 percent of women say this, much less than the 60 percent of men who agree. The 52 percent of adults dropped from 57 in 2008, a decline in men who agree.
  • In the past decade, education for U.S. Latinos has changed rapidly, both in K-12 and college. Check out Pew’s 5 facts about education, especially with a decline in the dropout rate, increase in college enrollment, and decrease in student debt.
  • Inequality: A Short History is for pre-sale on the Brookings site. Learn about the emergency of inequality and why it matters for the future of the U.S.
  • Is social mobility still a promise that can be kept? Brookings experts step up with this daring analysis, armed with numbers, to suss out the potential.
  • The 2016 Congressional Budget Office long-term budget outlook (highlighted in previous weeks) is now available visually. Check out the 22-slide presentation to understand it better.
  • Then dive deeper with some specifics in this CBO blog post about spending for Social Security and health care.
  • And wrap your analysis this week with a Kaiser report on 2017 Affordable Care Act premium changes, what will increase and how that’ll affect consumers.
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