Interactive: segregation by income + Graphic: public pensions + AHCA data

News. Did you hear? After the San Francisco Chronicle reported on foster care abuse in California, judges and state lawmakers are calling for some shelters to be closed. Without an ID, many homeless people are trapped in a vicious cycle. When schools meet trauma with understanding rather than discipline, students can thrive, as in New Orleans. When […]

CBO report + Trump’s budget + Covering Poverty pivotal moment (give your opinion!)

Note from Carolyn: You know it’s serious when it lands above the fold on the New York Times front page. As NYT White House correspondent Julie Hirschfeld Davis puts it: Trump’s budget will cut deeply into anti-poverty efforts. Since the story, I’ve seen commentary everywhere about the loss of hope in low-income America and pathways out […]

AHCA gaps + upcoming Census embargo + new poverty risk calculator

News. Trump-focused stories are huge right now: Tax reform could help low-income and Rust Belt families. Tech sector workers (facing poverty in Silicon Valley) are organizing against Trump. The biggest winners under the American Health Care Act are young, white, wealthy males. Then education: Student loan borrowers are struggling to get back on track. This is […]