More AHCA analysis + women working survey + child poverty infographic

News. We’re still on the Affordable Care Act vs. the American Health Care Act conversation, right? Here’s how Equal Voice News covered the true cost of repealing ACA in Alabama. The repeal could threaten some programs right as they’re beginning to work. Low-income AIDS patients are worried about losing coverage, too. And news by location: New […]

ACA vs. AHCA (several resources) + Census embargo data + CarsonWatch

News. We’re paying attention to the Affordable Care Act vs. the American Health Care Act, right? Here are four key differences. And how AHCA could hit rural areas in particular. Linked to that, Trump’s plan for HUD could seriously hurt low-income families. And his overall budget slices domestic programs and foreign aid. In the tech realm, cutting social […]

Poverty reporting: Trump’s take + ACA repeal updates + new datasets

News. This week, the news section will focus on Trump’s Tuesday speech and what it means: It could be a threat to vulnerable communities, portraying immigrants, low-income families and communities of color as burdens. It could lower living standards for workers, and child care suggestions may not actually be helpful. With poverty policy, we come away […]