2017 catchup: 9 resources to kickstart your poverty reporting this year

News. The Star Tribune series on poverty is so great right now: Migration is about taking risks (and moving) to pursue the American Dream. Opportunity is about prosperity growing out of small-town America. Shortage is about the shortage of affordable housing and the choices that people must make to find shelter. Health care and Medicaid update: state alternatives may be tested, including a Montana model. In finance, mobile banking could lift people out of poverty. And The Atlantic’s CityLab talks about income inequality and America’s Economic Distress Belt.
3 data points
  • The Job Creation Index starts 2017 on a high note, Gallup says. It was strong in December and is up from this time last year.
  • Population update: The Census Bureau announced the U.S. population is more than 324 million, which is a 2 million or .7 percent increase since Jan. 1, 2016, and 15 million, or 5 percent increase since 2010. More cool facts: the U.S. will have one birth every 8 seconds, one death every 11 seconds, and one incoming migrant every 33 seconds. So the U.S. population will go up by one person every 17 seconds in 2017, the bureau projects.
  • Social Security funds will be exhausted by 2029 under current law, the Congressional Budget Office projects. Read more about the long-term projections and some solutions — CBO says either reduce benefits by a third or change laws.
3 roundups
3 more resources you may have missed
  • Think about the current and future state of the sharing economy, Brookings says, especially for lower-wage workers. It’s inevitable and it’s growing — will that help or hinder the global economy?
  •  The Poverty & Race Research Action Council sent out its December update with several goodies that may be helpful for reporting. Read more about school integration and fair housing updates we can expect in 2017.
  • The UC Davis Center for Poverty Research put out a call for a scholar-in-residence. The app deadline is end of February. Know someone who could benefit? Pass it along.
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