Census Bureau stats release + 2 webinars + post-Trump effects

News. Measuring poverty by more than just income. Five states are struggling with surging numbers of foster children. A “bank for the poor” could end poverty and inequality. Nevada’s rural residents are facing a fraying safety net, Kentucky’s rural residents are worried about Medicaid cutbacks, and Virginia’s rural residents are concerned about regional spikes in poverty. At […]

Post-Election race concerns + new nonprofit report & interactive + homeless & food insecurity data

News. Homelessness in the U.S. decreased slightly during the past year. Even so, the count is rising in California, and Section 8 tenants are fleeing Seattle for housing in smaller cities. And cities in Colorado, Hawaii, Texas and Washington are passing laws that make homelessness a crime. Looking at Canada, Toronto continues to hold the title […]

5 post-election ideas + reaching out to minority sources

News. What if we all received $1,000 per month as basic income? During Homelessness Awareness Week, read about what some college students are doing to humanize poverty and food insecurity. Poverty is increasing faster in Richmond’s suburbs than in the city. As SNAP requirements stiffen, more Kansas residents are dropping off the state’s rolls. How can […]

Election Day poverty angles — 5 recent and contextual reporting resources

News. The final jobs report before the election shows promising wage growth. A surge of Hispanic voters in certain states could make a big difference today. Poverty wages for child care workers could be behind the high turnover. More children in Philadelphia are living in poverty. Check out this poverty series by the Citizen-Times in Asheville. […]

2017 health insurance & pay gap calculators + U.S. voting characteristics

News. What’s causing income inequality? Maybe these government policies. An Illinois special report finds a link between poverty and test scores. The American Academy of Pediatrics talks about the implications of poverty on doctor’s offices that serve suburban families. A new report says more children in Philadelphia are living in poverty. Four states (Arizona, Colorado, Maine and […]