America’s Poverty Course + ACA premium increases + Census webinar

News. Retirement is a dream for some workers. Millions of American don’t have bank accounts or basic financial services. More than 50 percent of Americans have a chronic health condition, mental disorder or substance use issue. Check out the WBUR series called “Invisible Nation” about Boston’s homeless families. In Oregon, Medicaid expansion still sees high emergency room […]

Poverty & Shared Prosperity report + 8 facts about Latino voters + 7 facts about childhood poverty

News. This is how Trump and Clinton would fix the U.S. health system. Social Security benefits will increase slightly next year. Low-income communities see fewer health care dollars. A new report says that banks are leaving Millennials in the dust. More colleges are opening food pantries to address campus hunger. The U.S. high school graduation rate […]

Financial insecurity & the election + the religion-income correlation + welfare reform anniversary

News. For your 2016 Election fix: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have sharp differences in their views on education. Clinton has proposed child tax credit expansions. Payday lending could see a crackdown. New data shows that Latinos suffer disproportionately from hunger and poverty. Many Native American colleges have abandoned the student loan system as high numbers of graduates […]

Free poverty course + federal race/ethnicity ID change + new business stats

News. Thousands of millionaires don’t pay federal income taxes — but why? This holiday season, more low-income consumers plan to spend more. A pre-K programaimed at low-income minority students seems to help school performance. In some poor communities, parents must go underground and find unregulated facilities for child care. When ITT Tech closed, what happened to […]