DNC-related poverty stories + 5 resources for your week (including Clinton data)

News. At this week’s DNC – held in Philadelphia – more minority representatives spoke on the first day than during the entire RNC (no link for this one, just noticed by a count). A 40-minute interview with Hillary Clinton discusses the rise of $2/day poverty and what to do about it. You know what didn’t come up […]

RNC-related poverty stories + 5 resources for your week (including Trump numbers)

News. This week’s GOP convention – held in Cleveland – is taking place is in one of the poorest and most segregated big cities in the country. Red tape is leaving some low-income toddlers without health insurance. In fact, a nationwide Medicaid crisis is leading to meetings between officials and outcry from advocacy groups in Alabama and Kansas. […]

AJC investigative series + 5 resources for story ideas and numbers

News. The new faces of U.S. poverty in metro areas. Low-income Americans are doing “digital health,” too. Low-income female students are facing certain challenges in college, in particular. And during retirement, women are more likely to face poverty than men. In good news, low-paid workers are leading in wage gains as minimum wage increases take effect. […]

Tipsheet about poverty & geography + #endhomelessness coverage + 3 resources for ideas

News. There’s a growing food divide between the rich and poor in the U.S. Gov. Chris Christie froze spending to force public worker health care cuts. Arizona imposed the strictest welfare limit in the nation. San Diego improved new incentives for low-income housing to alleviate the shortage and reduce rents. Low-income families are struggling to pay auto insurance. […]