Tomorrow’s media blitz on homelessness + 5 takeaways about race/inequality

Tomorrow’s media blitz. Do you know about the #endhomelessness media blast happening in San Francisco, Seattle and D.C. tomorrow, June 29? The movement started in San Francisco and is being led by the San Francisco Chronicle. More than 70 publications have agreed to participate. Let’s join. Use these hashtags and share great stories tomorrow: #Seahomlessness […]

Embargoed data + income inequality interactive + 3 poverty resources this week

News. No driver’s license = no job. In some Zip codes, 1 in 7 children have dangerously high blood lead levels. Fewer low-income men are working. Tougher rules are shrinking Missouri’s welfare rolls. And what about a coach for every low-income student? Data embargo. The Census Bureau posted data this morning under a two-day media embargo […]

3 news updates + 3 reporting resources + a surprising new statistic

3 intriguing news updates. What’s the state of the industry right now? Confidence in newspapers is at a new low, Gallup says. Ouch, says this newspaper reporter. Check out the line graph to see the fluctuations – will we see confidence go back up in upcoming years? Paul Ryan is rolling out a conservative economic agenda […]