Story ideas: Millennials & work, the sharing economy, webinars on women

News. Artist lofts = affordable housing (for white people). School lunch data reveals a crisis – poverty is increasing dramatically in areas where it was once rare. Miami’s low-income communities might get a voice in sea-level rise planning. The Oklahoma House voted to adjust the earned-income tax credit. A new Kansas law has revived the debate about […]

Shrinking middle class trends + school integration updates + overtime rule changes

News. More low-income kids have health coverage. A huge number of people with factory jobs need government help. In fact, 1 in 3 manufacturing workers are on welfare, a study says. Oklahoma eyes Medicaid expansion. More DC parents and kids are homeless than single adults. Gap years are becoming more common but are often elusive for […]

Upcoming Census embargo, updated Medicare provider data, overtime in workplaces

News. Five evils give poverty its grip. Billions in aid for low-income seniors goes unclaimed. President Barack Obama addresses the “diaper gap.” The U.S. has 1 million solar installations — will the next 1 million help low-income communities? The Houston school board approved a spending plan that helps schools with the most low-income students. The Arizona […]

New reports on incarceration effects, school integration funding and teen birth rates

News. Children in poverty are more likely to suffer from chronic health conditions such as asthma and ADHD, says a new study. Another report says adding low-income housing to poor neighborhoods lowers crime and boost property values. The mayor in Santa Fe proposes using gross receipt tax revenue to fight poverty. In San Antonio, leaders are trying […]