5 resources (including 3 released today) for your poverty coverage

News. What happens when low-income parents go back to school. The market for fixer-uppers traps low-income buyers. New Jersey City University announced a “debt-free promise program” to low-income students. A Chicago program would use money from downtown developers to pay for low-income neighborhoods. A proposed gas tax in Vermont could negatively affect low-income residents. Affordable housing in Dallas really […]

Voting profiles in SC & NV, interactive maps of state unemployment, stress & upward mobility

News. The rich-poor life span gap is growing. President Barack Obama is seeking $11 billion for homeless families. Los Angeles city and county officials approved sweeping homeless plans but need the money to accomplish them. Cities in Colorado are stepping up as affordable housing evaporates. The number of food stamp recipients in southeastern Pennsylvania has skyrocketed in […]

7 resources for story ideas, America’s middle class stats, upcoming State of the States data

News. Is there a bipartisan idea that could give a tax boost to workers withoutchildren? You’ve heard it here before, but it bears repeating: Limited Internet access can impair education. And that “digital divide” comes down to connections and Internet speed. College readiness of low-income students is stagnating as well, says a new report by the […]

Annual homeless count angles, maps of metro growth and poverty, racial wealth gap solutions

News. Read about the striking power of poverty to turn young boys into jobless men. Also, the “other children” of Silicon Valley – the low-income kids who are missing out on early education opportunities and already falling behind their peers. Religion, poverty and social entrepreneurship make up an interdisciplinary approach to prisoner re-entry. What about President Barack […]