Top 10 charts of 2015, Dec. health tracking poll, class divide at home & school

News. Unemployment rates fell in 27 states in November as hiring bumped up for the holiday season. The Medicaid waiver was approved for Michigan. Iowa was ordered to wait 60 days before shifting its Medicaid program to private management. A DC program allows poor renters to build credit by paying off loans. Low-income kids are already behind […]

Geography of Poverty, leaving the middle class, growth in minority-owned businesses

News. It’s not just the poor who can’t make rent, says a Harvard study of rental housing. A new low-income apartment project in San Diego is geared toward LGBT seniors. Also, California expands its substance abuse treatment for low-income residents. A new report on public school funding says most states provide less K-12 funding than before […]

7 new reports about poverty rates, health, social services, housing, labor

News. Poverty increased in a third of the country’s counties between 2010-2014 based on new Census Bureau stats (see first report below). See how poverty rates jumped (along with nice graphics) in Michigan, the Bay Area and Wisconsin. Also, more than a quarter of Alabama children live in poverty, says a Kids Count report. Students are particularly […]