Race & Reality: a new survey, cross-national inequality databases, how health matters for low-income fathers

News. Mobile payment services could help low-income consumers without a bank or limited banking access. College enrollment rates are dropping, especially among low-income students. Different rates of student debt among whites and minorities is related to the wealth gap. Support grows in Massachusetts for low-income rider discounts. The New York City Council proposes ending property taxes […]

Wives outearning husbands, state unemployment rates (interactives), 46 health care angles

News. When you struggle to get by, it’s hard to think about saving for later. A clean power plan in Austin will cut costs for low-income residents. A San Francisco program prepares workers for health care jobs. New Mexico plans to pair effective teachers with low-income students. A Berkeley official proposes a tax to fund affordable housing. Minnesota […]

Starting the race conversation in your newsroom, geographic mobility data

News. The White House wants to empower low-income women of color and is donating $100 million to get the conversation started. A private funding collaborative in Boston is launching a contest for affordable housing ideas. Premature colon cancer deaths could be hurting low-income families and the economy. Anti-panhandling laws are spreading. Habitat for Humanity really does improve families’ […]

Interactive about child care workers, crime victim stats, America by the Numbers broadcasts

News. Bill Gates says he is “working on the right problem” by donating to teacher education and low-income schools. Last week was one for grant updates: Several funders are joining forces to launch the Strong Families Fund, a $70 million effort to address affordable housing. How about Goldman Sachs paying to expand pre-K in Utah? And a […]

Race/ethnicity interactive, health tracking poll results, gentrification angle

News. An interesting article in defense of gentrification. The new Affordable Care Act ad campaign is targeting low-wage workers as open enrollment begins, highlighting tax breaks and advantages. Austin is checking out it’s low-income weatherization program. Students can now get funding to take college classeswhile in high school. The National Assessment of Educational Progress, sometimes called the “nation’s […]