Post-Supreme Court ruling ideas, Millennial numbers, new fiscal year ideas

News briefs. The neighborhood gap: Middle-class black families live in lower-income neighborhoods, while white and Asian families live in nicer ones. Tennessee reports a “severe shortage” of affordable rental housing. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie vetoes tax increases and pushes for an increase in the low-income tax credit. Maine receives $15 million for housing in low-income […]

3 hot weather story ideas, 25 metro area factsheets, what makes cities successful

News briefs. Massachusetts revised how it counts poor students (and found there are fewer in poverty with the new method). Low-income fathers who avoid child support payments spend about that same amount of money in clothing, food, supplies and gifts for their kids, says a Johns Hopkins study. The FCC is trying to expand Lifeline, a […]

3 sites for story ideas, 4 things to know about inequality, another graduation gap report

News briefs. Though Los Angeles is seeing prosperity, the city’s Homeless Services Authority is talking about widespread gentrification and the spike in homelessness. Foster care students are trying to finish school in Hollywood. Arizona hospitals and doctors are avoiding a 5 percent Medicaid pay cut. Florida lawmakers have finally reached a deal for $2 billion in […]

Supreme Court cases could determine housing, voting, health rights

News briefs. An analysis of marriage finds a rich-poor gap in terms of success. The WIC program helps low-income families buy fresh produce and eat healthier. About 26 percent of Rhode Island children under age 5 live in poverty, according to a new Kids County report. California Democrats say reducing poverty is a priority. Low-income families in […]

New obesity numbers, reducing hospice expenses, improving social mobility

News briefs. The FCC proposed an Internet subsidy for low-income users, which could be good for us all. During the 2015-2016 school year, 17 schools from 9 states will receive funding for college readiness support to help underserved students. Poverty-linked heart risks are high for poor black women, says a new study, and low-income blacks under […]