Binge drinking numbers up, AHCJ conference coverage, health inequality angles

I attended the Association of Health Care Journalists conference in Silicon Valley this past weekend, and my brain is still swimming with great ideas. We heard from legendary doctors Abraham Verghese and Deane Marchbein, who offered the latest report on Ebola through her experience as U.S. president of Doctors Without Borders. U.S. Secretary of Veterans […]

Poor students = smaller brains? The homework gap, affording higher education

News briefs. Plenty of reporters jumped on the Tax Day angles last week: The Tax Alliance for Economic Mobility wants to see reforms that will help low-income households. Low-income earners pay too much in taxes, Americans tell Gallup. A study says California’s tax system is also a burden for low-income earners. Housing. Portland housing officials are opening new homes […]

Tax Day stories, the majority-minority flip, cutting poverty in half

News briefs. Taxes are about geography and politics – could poorer Americans stand to gain by moving? At the same time, a new study says the Earned Income Tax Credit program is working. When life demands work vs. sleep, work usually wins (though datasets disagree whether high or low-income workers tend to sleep less). Low-income students struggle to […]

Health spending tracker, State of the States data, smartphone trends

News briefs. Although the economy is improving, the number of children in poverty is still high, says data from the National Center for Children in Poverty. The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced grants for food insecurity programs, including 16 pilot projects and 15 long-term projects, with several in California. More Connecticut dentists are treating low-income patients, […]