2015 County Health Rankings, jobless rates by state/race, metro area growth

News briefs. A good mix of stories this week, particularly with income inequality and health. Nashville’s economic growth is pricing out low-income and middle class residents. Phoenix residents are also facing the question of affordable housing. UC Berkeley faculty presented a study about the potential impact of a higher minimum wage in L.A., which says working families could see […]

Census Bureau on Instagram, minority income divide, Medicaid expansion

News briefs. A Brookings report talks about income inequality in America’s cities, and the gap is widest in Atlanta. In states with expanded Medicaid access, more patients are being tested and diagnosed with diabetes. Several centers in Boston help low-income residents with budgeting. The Department of Housing and Urban Development is connecting low-income workers with job opportunities […]

ACA anniversary angles, low well-being numbers, wealth gap stories

News briefs. In 23 states, richer school districts get more local funding that poorer districts, and the highest gap is in Pennsylvania. Plus, working minority families are twice as likely to be low-income as whites. A bill in Montana would cover catastrophic health care costs for some. Texas clinics get money to help low-income patients pay for […]

Poverty + Politics angles, Obama budget briefings, 2020 Census challenges

News briefs. The 50th anniversary of Selma puts a spotlight on deep poverty still in Alabama and the South. For the first time since 1984, unemployment fell in every state last year. “Reform conservatives” want to reconnect the Republican Party with middle-class and low-income voters. Oregon lawmakers grapple with a$15 minimum wage. Illinois lawmakers want to double […]

Childhood hunger initiative, state policy tracker, Congress poverty testimonials

News briefs. More stories for you this week. Children and education. City centers are becoming younger, richer and more educated while poverty rises in the inner suburbs, which has implications for schools. About 39 percent of New Orleans children live in poverty, according to a new study that puts it in the top 10 with similar-sized cities. The universal […]