Hospitals garnish patients’ wages, wealth gap update, suburban poverty

Happy holidays! I’m excited to bring you this week’s post as we all look forward to 2015.   News briefs. A ProPublica/NPR investigation reveals that nonprofit hospitals in at least five states garnish wages of low-income patients with unpaid debts. A U.S. News analysis looks at graduation rates for low-income students based on Pell Grant data. Medicaid rolls have […]

Population projections, ACA updates, wealth inequality resources

News briefs. A feature uncovers the flip side of the “boomerang generation,” or 20-somethings who are moving back home – these low-income Millennials can’t go back home. In Portland, an urban farm helps low-income families through budget-friendly food classes and farmer’s market deals. In Delaware, a controversial zoning program targets economic segregation and promotes more first-time homebuyers. In […]

Homeless group investigation, affordable housing satisfaction, new “how to”

News briefs. Homeless advocates are rallying for change in Florida, with 100 protesting in front of the downtown federal courthouse against city leaders and their ordinance to restrict outdoor feedings for the homeless. Also in Florida, a virtual library on a tablet helps low-income schools teach reading. This week, San Jose is closing its largest homeless camp of […]