Census update webinar, immigration news, holiday poverty angles

News briefs. Unemployment rates fell in 34 states, rose in 5 states and remained unchanged in 11 states, says the Labor Department, which may indicate steady hiring throughout the country. Yet only a portion of unemployed U.S. residents receive benefits. Also, part-time jobs put nearly 7 million in poverty or close to it. For the first time […]

Child homelessness numbers, the two-generation approach, new poverty reports

News briefs. Child homelessness in the U.S. has hit an all-time high in recent years, with about 2.5 million children – or 1 in 30 – homeless at some point in 2013. Several outlets have featured the report by the National Center of Family Homelessness, which details the number of homeless children in every state, their well-being, […]

Jobs numbers, financial services, new reporting resources

News briefs. A Rhode Island survey tries to determine not only how many homeless people there are statewide – but also how they got there. In good news, Hispanic students are making gains on federal math tests, according to a new report released Monday. A new study gauges the “risk load” for high-poverty schools. Also, a nutrition app helps […]

Post-Election poverty “how to,” new research on happiness, well-being and money

News briefs. Read these stories for great coverage of homelessness, education and data. Coverage of low-income students (from children to college-age): A Bloomberg coalition is aiming to get low-income students through college. Michigan colleges are trying to boost enrollment for low-income students. College Application Day in Indiana will help low-income students apply to universities. Butdata shows […]