Complex causes and effects, new data resources, education angles

News briefs. Great breadth of stories this week, with a number of them focused on low-income families, minimum wage and childhood poverty. After recent Census Bureau numbers showed Youngstown is the Ohio city with the highest poverty rate, particularly among children, activists are taking a stand. Also, the House passed a bill that would help low-income families that depend […]

New Census Bureau numbers, Medicaid expansion, income gaps

News briefs. As you can imagine, stories about the latest Census Bureau income and poverty numbers blanketed the country this week. Reporters covered a variety of angles, which is fantastic. Check out a selection: South Carolina’s poverty rate stayed steady but still ranks ninth highest in the nation. Nearby, Tennessee also went against the national trend of poverty decline […]

Census Bureau findings, childhood food insecurity, a focus on grants

News briefs. Check out some of these broad poverty stories across the country from the past week. In California, the number of homeless students is on the rise, particularly in some Bay Area counties, according to a new report released by the California Homeless Youth Project. In Florida, several agencies are working to to get local veterans off the streets. […]

Poverty coverage through different lenses, health, minimum wage

News briefs. Sometimes readers – and you – need to view poverty in your community through different eyes. In Tampa, for example, the majority of the 840,000 people who visit food banks, meal programs and soup kitchens in the area are neither homeless nor uneducated. “These are folks you know,” says the executive director of Feeding America […]

Covering wealth, philanthropy, underemployment

News briefs. Check out these five stories dealing with health, housing, politics, programs and reform to get a nice sense of what’s out there to cover. D.C. adds a social worker to its library system to work with homeless patrons. An Independent candidate for governor in Maine proposes welfare reform that would require the state to give cash incentives to those […]