Ferguson, food stamps, Deadbeat Dads

News briefs. Myrtle Beach Online highlights childhood poverty in the community – South Carolina is the seventh worst for underprivileged children, a national study says. New England’s suburbs are also communities of hidden poverty, where 1 in 4 families rely on food stamps. USA Today profiles a military family and talks about a new study that finds 1 in […]

The “47 percent,” transportation concerns and poverty photos

News briefs. Two years after Republican Mitt Romney’s “47 percent” comment painted him as a candidate with little sympathy for lower-income Americans, a number of Republicans considering a run for the presidency are talking about reducing poverty in the United States, says The Columbus Dispatch. At Illinois public hearings about poverty, residents speak up about making “enough money to […]

Affordable housing, Ebola and minimum wage

News briefs. We’re all about affordable housing and minimum wages in several states this week. When it comes to affordable housing, middle class families are moving inland to places such as Oklahoma City, the New York Times reports. New York City banks are partnering with the city to infuse $350 million into a long-time affordable housing nonprofit lender that funds […]