The in-depth approach, childhood poverty, social determinants

Taking a deeper dive. Several stories tackled an in-depth approach this week and are worth a longer read. Check out Storyline, The Washington Post’s new project that reports complex policy topics through storytelling. They’re focusing on immigration, taxes, the “uneven” economic recovery, the cost of climate change, how the ACA is changing us and more. As you […]

Medicaid, ACA and reporting on low SES

The reading list is pouring out of my ears this week. Read on! News briefs. The Washington Post tackled several tough questions (big ups to Zachary Goldfarb, who wrote a couple) about poor women narrowing the gap in an important area – healthier newborns, the accompanying charts and analysis on WaPo’s Wonkblog, thoughts about the bump in part-time jobs and if that’s […]

Homeless, data stories and more

Homeless coverage. This past week was homeless story central across the country. Check out the various angles and aspects – the stories are fascinating. A homeless camp in Tallahassee is being cleared by the county. The number of homeless families sheltered in motels in Danvers is the highest in years but could be worse, state officials say. A town in […]

“Promise Zones” and new resources

The Promised Zone. Check out NPR’s story about the five “Promise Zones” defined by President Obama – Philadelphia, San Antonio, southeastern Kentucky, the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma and Los Angeles – and the idea of tackling poverty in specific neighborhoods. The zones will receive preferential treatment for federal grants. NBC News features the violence, crime and poverty that drives […]

New sections: Exemplary story and a “how to”

We’ve got a few new elements this week. Check them out and let me know what works. News briefs. A New York county localizes rankings based on income and crime rate. Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick signs a law to raise minimum wage to $11/hour by 2017. Maine Gov. Paul LePage talks about limiting state benefits to those living in Maine legally, eliminating […]