Covering mental illness and healthcare

On January 1, 2014, almost six million Latinos that are currently uninsured in the U.S. will receive health insurance through the Affordable Healthcare Act, which will include mental health and substance abuse services. This is particularly relevant to the Latino population, where 15.9 percent of Latino adults reported experiencing mental illness in 2011, and thousands […]

Covering Medicaid changes

The New York Times released an article, “Millions of poor are left uncovered by health law,” detailing the number of Americans that will be affected by the Medicaid expansion, or lack thereof, depending on how their states voted. According to analysis by the Times, the national effort to expand health coverage to the majority of […]

Covering financial aid

In a growing trend discussed in “Freebies for the Rich,” many universities have shifted to giving more financial aid to students who have impressive transcripts and applications, even though that means taking financial aid and scholarship opportunities away from students who may need it more. This is due to schools wanting to keep talented students […]