Change in the zoning laws – a possible solution to improve education

It is justifiable to say that students living in high-poverty neighborhoods and attending high-poverty schools may suffer in terms of gaining the utmost out of their education. The Washington Post in its article entitled, “How zoning policies affect student achievement,” document a solution to this. A study done by the Brookings Institution proves how zoning […]

Food Stamp Programs help decrease poverty

The New York Times recently reported about how food stamp programs are improving the lives of those living in poverty in its article entitled, “Food Stamp Program Helping Reduce Poverty.” The Agricultural Department did a study on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and found that the program had reduced the poverty rate by 8 […]

Battling with poverty may be worse for women

Huffington Post focuses on the troubles of women, notably older women, when they reach retirement and poverty at the same time, in its article entitled, “Older Women Can’t Afford Basic Expenses, Study Finds.” The article however points out that deprivation is a way of life for millions of Americans since the recession period struck, but […]