Flawed poverty-level reporting in California

Drawn from an investigative report done by California Watch, Huffington Post released an article entitled, “Poverty in California: Fewer Children Living in Poor Communities, Study Shows,” which talks about the disparities between the reported figures of Californian children that live above the poverty level and the actual reality that exists. It statistically compares various Californian […]

The new American Dilemma: Is Social Security and Medicare a Birthright or a Burden?

The New York Times recently reported about the hypocritical dependency of Americans on the financial support provided by the U.S. government. In its article entitled, “Even Critics of Safety Net Increasingly Depend on it,” the issue revolves around governmental programs like Social Security and Medicare, that are somehow providing more to the citizens compared to […]

An Attempt to Decrease the Income Inequality Gap Among Students

The Washington Post addressed a solution-oriented tactic towards poverty-laden students, in its article entitled, “How to Attack The Growing Educational Gap Between the Rich and Poor.”  Racial divides among students are not nearly as wide as socioeconomic gaps that differentiate them nowadays. The article takes away from varying research done on the matter and highlights […]